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UBB Forum Terms

Forum Terms Explained

There are several variables associated with the individual forums.

NAME Each forum can have a unique NAME (such as, "Sports Talk", "HTML Zone", etc.). HTML is not permitted in forum names, so please don't try to include any HTML, javascript, or UBB Code in your forum names.
CATEGORY New in Version 4.0, Categories allow you to place each forum into a unique section. This is especially useful for sites with numerous forums. As an example, assume you have 5 forums associated with sports, 4 associates with politics, and 10 associated with web design. You could assign a "Sports" category for each of your sports forums, a "Politics" category for each of your political forums, and a "Web Design" category for the web design forums.

Assuming you activate the "Catogories Display" option in your General Variables settings, your forums will then be automatically displayed in the proper groupings. If you have no need for categories, just leave the categories field blank.

TITLE GRAPHIC You may use a unique graphic for each forum, if you like. Just type the name of the graphic. If you use new graphics, be sure to upload the graphics to your NON CGI directory. Leave this field blank if you want to use your default title graphic (which you set in the Styles section of the Control Panel variables).
STATUS You can turn a particular forum on or off with this switch. Turning it off merely means that the forum will not be displayed to the public. Messages that may be in the forum are not deleted and the forum may be turned back on again in the future. This is merely a handy way of shutting down a particular forum for public access. NEVER delete a forum directory after it has been created.
HTML ALLOWED If you want to allow your users to use HTML tags in their BB posts, turn this on. It is recommended that HTML be turned off, since one HTML error in a thread could throw off the display for the other replies on the thread page. Most of the functionality your users might want with HTML can be replaced with UBB Code (explained below).
UBB Code ALLOWED UBB Code is the Ultimate Bulletin Board's shorthand, HTML-like code. For an explanation of UBB Code, click here. If you disable UBB Code, it will not work in the forum. Using UBB Code is much safer than using HTML.
UBB CODE IMAGES ALLOWED You may want to allow your users to use UBB Code, but prevent them from using the UBB Code that allows for the display of images. If that is the case, click on the "no" button.
MODERATOR NOTIFICATION Moderators may receive an email notification every time someone posts a note in their forum. We do not recommend that you overuse this feature, since it adds more strain on your server.
ACCESS LIMITS You can make forums completely private (only admins, moderators, or users you have given permission to can read or post notes), or you can set posting limitations on particular forums. For instance, you could set one forum so that only admins and moderators can post new topics, but any registered user can post replies. Or, you may want one forum to be for news items that you do not want any feedback/replies on (just set the replies setting so that no one can reply in that case).

You can allow a registered user who is not an administrator or moderator to access private forums or to post to restricted forums by either giving the users specific permission (in the User Permission area of the Control Panel) or by setting a forum password and giving those users the forum password to use.

Description This is the brief summary of the purpose of the forum that is listed on your forum summary page (the first page viewers see when entering your BB). HTML is permitted. Be sure to set your general variables to allow the display of forum descriptions, if you want these description to appear on your forums.