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Welcome to the UBB Control Panel

Click Here to Visit the UBB Technical Manual.

This control panel is used for performing all of the administrative actions for the bulletin board. Authorized users can set the moderators for the forums, set member permissions, and edit/prune messages. If you are setting up your bulletin board for the first time, be sure to follow the detailed instructions on the Official Ultimate Bulletin Board Home Page.

Let's get our definitions straight...

Administrators Administrators have total control over every aspect of the bulletin board. They are, in essence, the owners of the board. Thus, administrator status should only be conveyed to trusted individuals. Most boards have only one owner or administrator.

You may grant administrative power to as many users as you please, however. Only Administrators can grant/remove admin authority.

Administrators are able to set moderators for each forum, set permissions for any registered user, create announcements and digests, create forums and archives, email registered users, and edit/delete messages.

Moderators Moderators are the ringleaders for each forum. Each forum can have its own moderator, but one person may be a moderator in multiple forums. An administrator may also be a moderator.

Moderators have the ability to edit/remove messages from their particular forum(s) and create announcements in their particular forum(s). They cannot change permissions for a particular users, however. Only administrators can change user permissions.

Members Members are registered users of the bulletin board that have posted whatever number of minimum messages you designate.
Junior Members Junior Members are registered users who have posted fewer than the minimum number of messages you designate.

Use the links on the left side to perform all of the administrative tasks available.

If you have any questions/comments about the Ultimate Bulletin Board, please drop us a line at

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